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Capability and Maturity Model (CMMI) – Levels

Capability and Maturity Model is initially developed for department of Defense. The main focus of CMMI is to make sure that constant integration of Systems and Software. According to Software Engineering Institute, there are 5 levels of maturity in the Capability and Maturity Model. There is a clear distinction between the Capability and Maturity. the method of assessment differs for Capability assessment and Maturity assessment
The Maturity levels are
1. initial РProcess Ineffective, Poorly controlled and Highly Reactive.
2. Managed – Process Characterized for Projects and often Reactive
3. Defined – Process Characterized for organization and is proactive. (Projects tailor the organizational process to the project needs)
4. Quantitatively Managed – Process Measured and Controlled.
5. Optimizing – Focus on Process Improvement.
From Maturity Level 2 and above, there are a set of process Areas which the organization is expected to carry out. we will discuss these in the subsequent posts.

Level 4 and 5 are called as High maturity processes where data based decision-making plays a vital role

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