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FSSAI Registration for Herbalife Associates

FSSAI Registration – Why is it required for Herbalife Associates

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made it Mandatory for all Food Business Operators (FBO) to be registered with FSSAI. This includes the Assoicates of MLM such as Herbalife Associates and any other nutrition product sellers.

Herbalife has mandated that all associates are to be submit the FSSAI Registration certificate on priority. In case of non submission, the associates have to forego certain benefits associate with the relation.

What are the different levels of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration is available in 3 levels

  1. Registration – for those FBOs whose annual turnover is below 12 Lakhs
  2. State License – FBOs whose operations are within one state and trunover above 20 Crores
  3. Central License – For the FBOs whose business is spread across states and / or turnover above 20 crores

Note : There are few exemptions but they are out of context for this current topic.

What type of License i need as a herbalife associate

Normally as an associate, the personal business turnover falls under Rs. 12 Lakhs per annum. The next levels are registered separately.If your personal business is less than 12 Lakhs, FSSAI Registration would be sufficient.

In case of a Nutrition Club and Manged by only one associate, then you may need a license if the personal business is crossing the threshold. If it is a shared club, the same shall be distributed among the distributors. However, the registration shall be done accordingly.

How to get my FSSAI Registration Done?

We at Excellence and Eminence understand your needs and also support you for a quick registration.

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How to submit my FSSAI Registration to Herbalife

There are three ways to submit your FSSAI registration to Hebalife

  1. Send email with attachement to
  2. Use online ticket to submit your certificate
  3. Handover the certificate to your nearest office

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