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POKA YOKE – Mistake Proofing

POKA YOKE  is a Japanese term, meaning Mistake proofing is very much helpful in avoiding operator mistake. This is Formalized and adopted by Shigeo Shingo as part of the  Toyota Quality Management System to achieve zero defects and eliminate the quality inspections.
This is not rocket science and can be seen in our daily life.
Some of the examples are below.


  • Automated Shut-Offs on Electric Coffee Pots
  • Ground Fault Circuit Breakers for Bathroom or Outside Electric Circuits
  • Questioning “Do you want to delete?” After Depressing the “Delete” Button on Your Computer.
  • Spell Check in Word Processing Software


  • Dual Palm Buttons and Other Guards on Machinery
  • Tamper-Proof Packaging
  • Bar Coding at Checkout in Retail
  • Hotels wrap paper strips around towels to reduce unnecessary replacements.


  • Potassium Chloride in Intra Venous Bags – premixed to avoid fatal errors
  • Surgical Trays have indentations, preventing surgeon from leaving surgical instrument in patient.
  • Pre-filled syringes in hospitals to avoid mistakes in dosage.
  • To prevent “treatment” errors, banks require tellers to record the customer’s eye color on a checklist as they start transaction.

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