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Policy Deployment – Benifits of planning and executing

Policy Deployment: 
A one year plan, reflecting the long-term vision and the 3-5 year strategic planning objectives. A planning/implementation process that focuses on a few, major, long term, customer focused breakthrough objectives that are critical to a company’s long term success. This process links major objectives with specific support plans throughout the organization. Strategic Planning/Strategic Management methodology, developed by Dr. Yoji Akao. Also known as Hoshin Kanri.
Various Terms used in this methodology are
Annual Objectives:
In Policy Deployment, those current year objectives that will allow you to reach your 3-5 year breakthrough objectives.
Bowling Chart
A form used to track performance (plan vs actual) on Policy Deployment objectives. Usually reviewed with top management on a monthly basis.
Breakthrough Objectives:
In Policy Deployment, those objectives characterized by multi-functional teamwork, significant change in the organization, significant competitive advantage and major stretch for the organization.
Catch Ball
The process of selecting strategies to meet an objective at any level then getting managers and their teams to engage in dialogue to reach agreement on strategies to achieve their goals.
Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I.)
A method of tracking or monitoring the progress of existing daily management systems
Policy Deployment Action Plan
Form used by the team working on a PD objective, detailing specific activities required for success, milestones, responsibilities and due dates. Team members are also listed with objective definition, meeting dates and management support or owner.
Policy Deployment Matrix
Form used to show relationships between 3-5 year objectives, improvement priorities, targets, resources required and benefits to the organization
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