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Lean Sigma Consultancy Service

Lean Sigma Consultancy

Lean Sigma Consultancy service is an important offering from Excellence and Eminence. We focus on end to end processes of the organization and see the optimum solution.

Lean in Process

Lean as an improvement method which focuses on the reduction of Non-value adds and waste in a business process. Lean practitioners are of the view that if a process hasn’t been reviewed for Non-value adds typically the process would constitute about 95% of non-value adding activities. To be able to survive and be able to improve on the profits, organizations, will have to look keenly at their business process and work at reduction elimination of non-value adding activities, waste & unreasonableness in the processes and variation.

It is generally believed that application of lean techniques will help improve the Turn Around Time (TAT) by upto 60%.

Our Methodology

Our Unique methodology not only focus on the entire process but also look inside each step. we Employ techniques such as Process Mapping, Critical Path, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Assessment of Mura and Muri, and the most important cultural change 5S.

We work with the team to arrive at simple, effective and implementable solutions for the complex problems. The solutions include wide range of Kaizens, automation, process re-engineering, improvement of flow and waste reduction. These will achieve significant reduction in process flow time and the help the organization to achieve breakthrough results.


We provide consulting on various areas such as

  • 5S consulting and implementation
  • Process Diagnostic study and Lean opportunities
  • VSM Implementation
  • Process re-engineering

Application of Lean with Six Sigma is an offering we will help the client to understand deep insights of the process and find opportunities to improvement.

Contact Us

To get started with your lean journey, please contact us . You can fill the contact form below and send to us. Our representative will get in touch with may write to us at for further details.

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