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Tabulation of data – Presentationtechnique

Tabulation of data is the most commonly used method for presentation or organization of data. The table has distinct features which are explained here. The data collected by using various methods like Surveys, Interviews, In-field studies etc will give you the raw data. You may not be able to draw any conclusions using this data. This data need to be organized and then only it can talk(yes. the data talks if it is collected properly) to you. Also this data will talk for you only if your present it in such a way that the user can receive.
There are various methods by which you can organize and present the data.The selection of the method depends upon the purpose and the target audience.
The most commonly used method is tabulation.  Normally we see many tables daily. However, if your presentation or analysis is to be relevant, the table shall contain the relevent details.
A good table is used to condense the data and present in a useful form. It is the most common method and easily understood method of presenting data.

A good table will have the following details.

  1. The Table must have a heading.
  2. The Table should present the data clearly, highlighting important details.
  3. The Table should save space but attractively designed.
  4. The table number and title of the table should be given.
  5. Row and Column headings must explain the figures therein.
  6. Averages or percentages used in the table should be close to the data.
  7. Units of the measurement should be clearly stated along the titles or headings.
  8. Abbreviations and symbols should be avoided as far as possible.Sources of the data should be given at the bottom of the data.
  9. In case irregularities creep in table or any feature is not sufficiently explained, references and foot notes must be given.The rounding of figures should be unbiased.
  10. Wherever notes is required, they should be given below the table with relevent references.

If a table contains all the above, it can be said a good table. Even though these are present is the normal table, the classifications is good to verify if the table is good or not.

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